Can My Child Get Invisalign? Your Top Questions Answered

You’ve probably already heard about Invisalign. It’s the most effective and least invasive solution to straighter teeth, and over the past few years, it’s been steadily growing in popularity. Adults love it because it allows them to straighten their smiles without having the outward appearance of wearing braces, but is it suitable for kids?

Invisalign and wearing braces, in general, has many benefits. But before you make the decision to take this step for your child, you want to make sure it is a completely safe one. This blog will take you through everything you need to know about Invisalign for kids.

Is Invisalign Safe for Kids?

If you’ve been considering Invisalign for your child, one of your biggest questions or concerns is probably whether it’s safe. The great news is, Invisalign is completely safe for kids. The system works the same for kids as it does for adults, and in the case of especially young children, a special type of Invisalign—called Invisalign first—may be suggested.

How Old Does My Child Need to Be to Get Invisalign?

You may be surprised to learn that even children as young as six years old can be great candidates for Invisalign. In fact, even kids that don’t yet have all of their permanent teeth may be eligible. Of course, it will be necessary for your child to have an appointment with a dentist to confirm that they are a good candidate.

What Are Some Benefits of Invisalign for Kids?

Invisalign has many benefits, and for kids, these can be especially appreciated. For example, one of the biggest advantages of Invisalign is, of course, that it is virtually invisible. For kids, who can struggle with feelings of insecurity and poor self-image, this is an amazing benefit.

Invisalign is also more comfortable than braces to wear. This can be great for picky kids that don’t tolerate discomfort well.

As well as this, there are no food restrictions. Your child will be able to enjoy everything they usually eat for the duration of their Invisalign treatment. Speaking of duration, this is another advantage this system offers. 

The length of time your child will need to wear their Invisalign trays will typically be much shorter than they would have to wear braces for. This is because the trays are customized throughout the course of treatment. The average length of Invisalign treatment is 12 to 18 months but many patients start seeing results in a matter of weeks.

Start Your Invisalign Journey Today

Aside from the many above benefits, the bottom line is that Invisalign is a completely safe, sound, and smart option for kids. If you’re in the Licoln area, and you’re considering Invisalign treatment for your child, Yuba City Orthodontics can help. Get in touch today to book an appointment and see if Invisalign could be a good option for straightening your child’s smile.