5 Common Invisalign Cleaning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

2. Skipping Days Between Cleaning

Make cleaning your aligners a daily habit. It’s easier to adopt A new habit by associating it with an established one. So link the practice of cleaning Invisalign with something you already do daily.

For most people, brushing and flossing is a nighttime ritual before going to bed. If that’s true for you, you can take that opportunity to clean your aligners properly.

Cleaning them at least once a day will keep them fresh and presentable. It’s also a great time for cleaning Invisalign trays.

3. Not Using The Proper Cleaning Solution

It’s one thing to clean your aligners, but it’s another thing to clean them properly. Your orthodontist will tell you which commercial cleaning products will work acceptably with Invisalign.

However, some people try to take shortcuts. They think they will save time and money using soap or their favorite toothpaste. But there’s a reason why there are designated cleaning solutions for Invisalign.

Soap and toothpaste can damage the special coating on your aligners. They can also leave your aligners pitted and stained. If you want to keep Invisalign looking new, it’s best to use the recommended Invisalign cleaning tools.

4. Not Rinsing Your Aligners

In between cleaning sessions, get into the habit of rinsing your aligners. For example, when you remove them to eat or drink, could you take the opportunity to rinse them?

Doing so will lessen the buildup of bacteria. It will also make them easier to clean.

5. Not Keeping Aligners in Their Containers

You can protect your aligners by placing them in their Invisalign tray container when not in use.

The container will block exposure to airborne bacteria. This step is essential if you tend to leave your aligners lying open on contaminated surfaces in the bathroom.

We Can Help You Avoid Invisalign Cleaning Mistakes

Keeping your Invisalign liners in top-notch condition isn’t difficult. Instead, it requires only an easy-to-follow routine. Our dedicated staff will take the time to make sure that you know exactly how to care for your Invisalign braces.

We don’t want you to make any of the five Invisalign cleaning mistakes mentioned above. And we are always available when questions arise about how to clean aligners.

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